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About Us

Civil wars made Afghanistan one of the penurious counties in the world. These battles took everything we had, Afghanistan’s infrastructure were disabled and cased much unforgettable sorrows, more than 2 million were death, more than 5 million became immigrant especially in Iran and Pakistan, and we lost our literate. Elite and intellectuals and it caused a huge literacy problem.
Fortunately after the democracy region onset, we can say a new page opened in Afghanistan history. Afghans reach to Freedom of speech, Democracy and their rights. As a result of Democracy people start to open Private organizations such as televisions. Radios, newspapers and lots of other organizations to elite communities’s sagacity.
Afghanistan is known as a multi-nationality country, and all nations lived together in unity, and they have their own culture, ethics and history. Almas TV respectfully for all other nations started its broadcasting in Uzbek and Turkmen Languages. Among other fresh TV channels in Mazar-e-sharif and all over Afghanistan Almas TV has the hugest number of viewers. That is because of programs variety (Economical. Society, Sport, Political, Technological and Cultural) and because of dedication of programs to Uzbek and Turkmen we don’t have a competitors. Why we are broadcasting in Uzbek and Turkmen languages? In Afghanistan there are many nationalities. In North of Afghanistan in 9 provinces (Balkh. Jawzjan, Sarepul, Faryab, Takhar, Badakhshan, Kondoz, Samangan and Baghlan) mostly Uzbek and Turkmen are living, Uzbek and Turkmen are third populated nation in Afghanistan their population reaches about 9 Million. Most of them don’t understand Afghanistan formal languages (Pashto and Dari)
For promoting and advertising benefits of Democracy, Human Rights, Women Rights, Public awareness and disadvantages of Narcotics we can be a connection between your organization, and this nationality thus your advertisements will approach to its main goal of alerting people from the mentioned phenomenon.

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